One of the factors that cause car accidents according to reports is a driver’s over-confidence. Sometimes, people believe that they got the skills and the car to avoid any accidents. And the icy road doesn’t care whether you got both!
The icy road can be tricky to drive with. It is dangerous especially when it is wet. To be on the safe side, here are three tips that can save your life (and your loved ones) when driving on an icy road.

Drive Slowly

You are probably used to driving 80 miles per hour and you suddenly found yourself in New York with its icy streets. This is not the time to challenge yourself and show how great of a driver you are. Drive slowly.

Decelerate slowly and accelerate with lower speed. This way, you can avoid skidding. Even if the stoplight is still a few meters away, start slowing down. Driving on an icy road can make your car slow down at a slower pace.

Keep Your Distance from Other Cars

Try to keep a safe distance from the car in front of you. What is the safe distance? Something that will give you at least six seconds to stop before you can accidentally hit the car in front of you in case it stops suddenly. Get more info from here

Always Keep your Foot on the Brake

Be ready. Make sure that your foot is planted on your car’s floor, ready to hit the brake anytime. However, go easy on your brake if you need to use it. A sudden brake can also cause your car to slide or you losing control. If you have antilock brakes, remember that it doesn’t work well on slippery icy roads.

If you are driving a modern car with antilock brakes and you start sliding, you should put your foot on the brake and keep steering. Antilock brakes system prioritizes steering when you do this so your car can start slowing down as you steer to safety.

For cars with no antilock brakes, you should stop stepping on your brake to prevent your car from stopping and locking up. This will keep your car on the road and prevent the further slide. Knowing the type of car and brake you have can save you at this point.

Don’t Just Stop Anywhere

If you are driving on an icy road, it is not recommended to just stop and do your stuff. Even when there is an accident, it is not advisable for anyone to just stop and be a Good Samaritan. Sometimes, a parked car on the side of an icy road can cause other drivers to lose control that can result in additional accidents.

As a Good Samaritan, the best thing you can do is go on your way and call for help.

Stay Home

If it is winter season hence the icy roads, then best to stay home unless you have to drive somewhere important. Do not expose yourself to unnecessary risk just because you think you are a good driver even on an icy road.