No matter how cautious you are, accidents can happen. For all you know, your car is just parked outside your office when something hits your windshield. The next thing you know, your windshield has a small crack. 

What can you do? A cracked windshield can grow and ultimately ask for a replacement. The good news is, there are things that you can do to prevent your windshield’s crack from spreading. 

Use Nail Polish for First Aid

You will need clear nail polish and clear packing tape for this first-aid remedy for your windshield. If you don’t have nail polish, you can use a transparent superglue

Clean the crack thoroughly. Apply nail polish on the cracks and leave it to dry. Cover the nail polish with clear packing tape. It will keep dirt away. 

Purchase a Repair Kit for Windshield

You can easily find a repair kit for windshields in your local hardware store. Using a repair kit can be tricky because you will need to make a hole in your windshield. With a drill bit, you need to drill a hole on top of your windshield and use a resin to seal the crack. 

To make it cheaper, you can ask a car service professional if they can repair your windshield with your repair kit and just pay for the labour. This way, you can choose your brand of a repair kit and keep the unused kit after the job. 

Don’t Expose Your Car in Extreme Temperatures 

A regular glass expands when exposed to a hot temperature and it cracks when exposed in a too cold environment. Imagine if it already has cracks, that crack can get bigger and spread faster. 

If you are parking your car outside your home, make sure to park it in a shady area or under a tree. 

Replace your Windshield If You Can

There is no cure for a broken windshield. You can do some remedies, but you can’t cure it. If it is possible, replace your broken windshield immediately. When the crack is longer than three inches, it is best to replace it. 

Why Do You Need to Replace Your Cracked Windshield?

Driving with a cracked windshield is not safe. A windshield is made of glass and vinyl resin glued together. With a crack. Your windshield won’t be able to hold additional force. It means that a small collision can cause the windshield to fall apart and harm you. Want to learn changing your oil now? Here are the steps.

When to Seek A Repairman for Your Cracked Windshield

 A professional car service provider can make a sound judgment call when it comes to repairing or replacing your cracked windshield. 

Most professionals suggest a repair if the crack is less than an inch or if the crack is not in the direct sight of the driver. 

However, regardless of the size of the crack, it is best to replace a windshield if the crack is on the driver’s direct line of sight. 

Trust a professional’s call after checking your windshield. A small crack might be too small, yet it can cause a major problem once that crack receives more force while you are driving. Better safe than sorry!